Top 1% Realtor Krista Mashore Created an Eight-Figure Business Model in Less Than Three Years - Now She’s Helping Other Realtors and Entrepreneurs Do The Same.

Victoria Kennedy
4 min readJan 22, 2021
Krista Mashore

Imagine going from zero to eight figures in just 35 months. Yes, we’re talking dollars.

That’s the incredible story of top 1% Realtor and business coach Krista Mashore, who earned $10 million in just 35 months teaching other real estate agents and entrepreneurs how to grow their companies through digital marketing. Drawing from her own experience selling 69 homes in her first year as a real estate agent, Mashore has helped her coaching clients achieve sky’s-the-limit victories like selling 13 times as many houses than they did the previous year and earning a 500% return on investment in as little as four months.

How She Got Here

The driveway wasn’t always paved with gold for Mashore, who got into real estate two decades ago. After earning a Master’s degree and teaching school for six years, she quit the work world to stay home and care for her two daughters, one of whom had developed health problems.

Not one to sit around feeling sorry for herself when her marriage ended, the charitably minded mom got into real estate to support her children then got so successful she wanted to share her expertise with others.

“My goal is to help people have more time, confidence, and a healthy happy life. I teach people how to work smart and do things others aren’t willing to do so that they can have the life they have always dreamed they’d have,” Mashore says.

The Eight Cs and Local Authorities

Through a series of coaching courses and four Amazon best-selling books, Mashore shows her clients how to harness the power of video and social media to position themselves as their communities’ go-to authority (or “local celebrity,” if you will) in their respective fields, both real estate and otherwise. Basing her approach on what she calls the Eight C’s (Commit to consistently producing content correctly so you can make a connection to convert more clients and customers), Mashore shares the repeatable, scaleable set of tools, tactics and strategies that has made her stand out online and drown out all the noise from her competition.

“I’ve coached hundreds of real estate agents from all over the nation… big cities, small towns, you name it. In all different types of markets and industries. And guess what, these strategies work for them too,” she says.

As she teaches her students, Mashore doesn’t rely on traditional methods to land clients and generate leads. She doesn’t bother with open houses, cold calls or knocking on doors. Instead, she applies the principles of Fortune 500 companies by using innovation, cutting-edge technology, and digital and engagement marketing to build sustainable and highly lucrative businesses.

It Pays to Follow in Krista’s Footsteps

Testimonials to the proven success of Mashore’s strategies number in the thousands.

“Krista’s book is full of experience-based, road-tested techniques that, when applied, will take you to the top of your field. No matter what you are selling, your number one job is marketing. This book helps you demystify digital marketing into practical, actionable steps. The only way these principles won’t work is if you don’t do them,” says customer Brandon Bates.

Going far beyond a mere social media or lead-generation course, the Mashore Blueprint, as her flagship curriculum is called, is a full business ecosystem that teaches: where to get seen by the masses in the places they’re already looking (hint: it’s the internet); how to understand what the ideal audience wants to hear then deliver it to them; ways to quickly build rapport with an online audience; means to cultivate a following of clients who recommend, refer and cheerlead, along with becoming lifelong customers.

“I have truly only scratched the surface but can honestly say this has changed my business forevermore,” says Mashore Blueprint student Dana Chambers Weyl.

Post Videos That Serve, Not Sell

With the average American scrolling social media 2.5 hours every day and spending one-third of that time watching videos, Mashore says creating relevant video content and sharing it and other marketing messages on social media is the best way for entrepreneurs to introduce themselves and stay front-of-mind for clients. She also notes that almost two-thirds of people are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

It’s important to distribute these videos where prospective clients will see them: Facebook ads, Instagram Reals and more!

But it’s not enough to cover the internet with sales pitches. Rather, Mashore says, it’s best to “serve, not sell” by positively engaging with the online profiles of other local businesses and answering questions and lending expertise to online community forums.

“Your job,” she says, “is to get people to get to know you, to like you and to trust you and to see you as the authority figure.”

Or, in other words, become a local celebrity.

Krista Mashore has an exclusive coaching program that teaches real estate agents and professionals how to become the go-to authority in their communities. She has spoken on the Inman stage and has been featured in Yahoo Finance, Wall Street Journal, Authority Magazine among other publications and has been a guest at numerous podcasts including Conscious Millionaire. Click here to join the 2-day Live Coaching Event with Krista and transform your Real Estate Business:



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