Adam Vibe Gunton presented as the ideal all-American kid. He was an All-A student, all-state football player, and captain of the high school wrestling team. But Gunton carried a dark secret. He was addicted to drugs.

No thanks to some unfortunate influences in his life, Gunton started experimenting with recreational substances at age 11. Drinking turned into using cocaine and smoking pot, which eventually evolved into shooting smack.

Gunton considered it partying, nothing more than having a little fun. He would have never predicted that one day he’d find himself homeless and cowering on the floor of a crack den…

Lana Ivanov

Look good, feel good. You’ve almost surely heard this phrase before, and it’s a mantra of many pros in the beauty and skincare business. But what if that phrase goes deeper? For Lana Ivanov, aesthetician and founder of the Vonavi Pro skincare line, that phrase went far beyond simple words — it became a thread that connected her approach to both business and life. Lana always knew she wanted to make a positive difference in the world, but she wasn’t always sure how.

Today, she is an aesthetician and skincare formulator who helps women transform their lives by transforming their…

Lana Ivanov

Take a minute to think about how many skin care products you use every day and why. Standing in front of the mirror, as women getting ready for work, we’re warriors bracing for battle. We armor up. We say our affirmations. And we paint our faces. Balancing life and work is no easy task, but how you take care of your skin can be a great metaphor for how you take care of business.

As Lana Ivanov, formulator of Vonavi Pro says, “if you prioritize your skin health, you’ll have long term beauty.” This mindset shift applies to your business…

Connie Bobo

Does it ever feel like the world is stacked against you? Entrepreneur Connie Bobo knows exactly how that feels.

You wouldn’t know it by looking at her now, but there was a time when Connie had to decide whether she was going to let adversity consume her or if she was going to climb her way up from the bottom.

She was laid off more than once from jobs she had poured her heart and soul into, only to be left hanging by companies she trusted. However, in the end, those losses wound up being a welcome wake up call.

Galen M. Hair

Who do you call when life as you know it falls apart? For many property owners in the coastal southeast, the answer is simple: Galen M. Hair. As a property insurance attorney and owner at Insurance Claim HQ, Galen helps his clients through the aftermath of some of the most stressful days of their lives. Galen has helped over 800 families rebuild their homes and businesses after natural disasters destroyed their properties.

Galen can offer much-needed compassion to his clients, because he knows how it feels to be unsure about your future. …

Rich Feola, CEO

If there’s one thing Rich Feola has always excelled at, it’s spotting potential before anyone else in the room. From finance to solar energy to marketing, Rich has led the way toward opportunities that others never even noticed — and that success always extends to his clients along the way.

Today Rich and his company, Solar Exclusive, are taking solar marketing the industry by storm, but Rich started his career as a financial planner. As Rich’s practice thrived, he noticed he excelled at something his peers couldn’t always manage: generating quality leads with ease. …

ABL1 Partners

When you’re new to the investment real estate game, it’s hard to know who to trust. Well, it’s safe to say, no one understands this concern better than Paul Ullman, Daniel Leyden, and Kevin Rodman, the Managing Partners of Asset Based Lending,

In 2008, the housing bubble burst, taking with it the stock market and the company Paul and Daniel both worked for. “Talk about losing your bearings and wondering where to put your trust. 2008 was the biggest test of my career,” says Paul.

Instead of waiting for someone to come and bail them out, though, Paul and Daniel…

Yvette Rose

There’s a quiet revolution happening in the body health industry. Experts who have been talking about the differences between men’s bodies and women’s bodies for years are finally gaining some traction. Women are discovering the gut-brain connection is key to looking and feeling their best.

One expert standing on the forefront of this revolution is Yvette Rose. Yvette is a Board Certified Holistic Gut Health Coach. She’s also the Founder and CEO of Joule Goddess, a Holistic Women’s Health Company. Yvette believes in creating the right conditions for a woman’s body and mind to heal itself. …

Krista Mashore

Imagine going from zero to eight figures in just 35 months. Yes, we’re talking dollars.

That’s the incredible story of top 1% Realtor and business coach Krista Mashore, who earned $10 million in just 35 months teaching other real estate agents and entrepreneurs how to grow their companies through digital marketing. …

What happens when you see a disconnect in your industry between skilled workers and employers? For Eliud Medina, School Director of Southern Industrial Careers Center, the solution was clear: build that missing link between employers and employees.

Eliud’s path to founding SICC, which offers vocational training in welding and fabrication, began when he was working as a certified welder. He spent many years in the field, but was laid off in 2014 due to the recession. He took it as a signal to take his career to the next level. …

Victoria Kennedy

Founder of Victorious PR. Getting Entrepreneurs in the Press.

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