In the publishing world, books have long been sold in the same traditional manner with an invisible separation that existed between author, publisher and consumer.

Jason Kutasi did not let these notions get in the way when he made the decision to take a new approach to book publishing and launched Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream. However, even he could not have foreseen just how ready the industry was to break away from its conventional approach and forge a new path forward.

It all started in November 2017 when in its very first month, PDIC blew through its initial inventory…

John Swanson remembers vividly how exhausting it is to be a small business owner.

In the early 2010s, he was stretched thin across three ventures: The Fast Factory, a small gym in his hometown of St. Cloud, Minn., consulting agency Fast Forged, and the Granite Games, a Minnesota-based CrossFit fitness tournament. He worked day and night to ensure his clients and employees were successful and growing, but his family and personal time suffered as a result.

“With three companies, family, health and fitness, and everything else in life, there [was] always, always unfinished business,” Swanson told CrossFit news source The…

In 2014, with hardly any experience, James Murphy started his property investment journey with two properties he didn’t own.

Murphy and his wife Stephanie knew they had to make a change; their growing family was stretching their finances and they wanted to find a way to supplement their income that didn’t take them away from their kids and loved ones, but still offered the flexibility and worry-free lifestyle any parent of young children craves. …

David Koves knows all there is to know about being a Googler — even the feeling of leaving the “mothership” behind. When working for Google left him feeling jaded, he decided to follow a long-standing passion: making explosive digital growth accessible for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Growing up in Hungary when it still had a “post-Soviet” mindset and where getting ahead was all about who you know, David felt a bit lonely as a big dreamer.

David saw himself as the future CEO of a company with millions in revenue helping others redefine their success. This vision would…

“Who’s excited to be here today? Who’s ready to take their business to the next level?” It doesn’t take more than 30 seconds watching Athena Severi on stage to see why people flock to her events, queue up to see her talk, and follow her insights on social media. Her reputation precedes her as someone who makes a tangible, life-changing impact on entrepreneurs’ lives.

“What Amazon equates to me is freedom. I know from experience, that building a successful Amazon business can provide lifestyle freedom, and I want to help others live their life with passion and purpose too”.

Corporate Job to Amazon Empire


It’s tax season and for most Americans, this is their least favorite time of the year. But for the “Tax Goddess,” Shauna A. Wekherlien, CPA it’s her time to shine.

Shauna is a highly sought-after tax strategist with a reputation built on 20+ years of experience and a team of professionals, 46 strong. Shauna has spent more than two decades implementing innovative tax solutions for businesses and their owners.

Of course, Shauna hasn’t always been the Tax Goddess and she didn’t always want to be a tax expert. In college, Shauna immersed herself in a different celestial realm. …

Dan Ashburn

Dan Ashburn was always destined to be a leading entrepreneur. While the average 13-year-old might be head down playing video games, he had a laser focus on achieving the goals that would set him up for the future.

Amongst other entrepreneurial ventures, Dan’s journey started with building websites and ranking them, long before Google was a household name. He says, “I saw early on that success comes from providing a service that others appreciate”. A quick search shows his very first website still brings in revenue today.

Asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he’d reply “I…

What happens when you go from running your family’s baking business to working in the music industry? The answer is: The Journey of Carl Hitchborn is what happens.

Well, you get the nickname, ‘The Baker’, and note the inverted quotations because you also flip the music industry like a pineapple upside-down cake. This is Carl Hitchborn’s journey in a nutshell. He’s a baker, turned innovator, turned music industry pro. And it all started when Carl realized, “no one in the music industry knows what they are doing.”

Carl Hitchborn

He elaborates on this by saying, “the music industry is cracked because it…

Adam Vibe Gunton presented as the ideal all-American kid. He was an All-A student, all-state football player, and captain of the high school wrestling team. But Gunton carried a dark secret. He was addicted to drugs.

No thanks to some unfortunate influences in his life, Gunton started experimenting with recreational substances at age 11. Drinking turned into using cocaine and smoking pot, which eventually evolved into shooting smack.

Gunton considered it partying, nothing more than having a little fun. He would have never predicted that one day he’d find himself homeless and cowering on the floor of a crack den…

Lana Ivanov

Look good, feel good. You’ve almost surely heard this phrase before, and it’s a mantra of many pros in the beauty and skincare business. But what if that phrase goes deeper? For Lana Ivanov, aesthetician and founder of the Vonavi Pro skincare line, that phrase went far beyond simple words — it became a thread that connected her approach to both business and life. Lana always knew she wanted to make a positive difference in the world, but she wasn’t always sure how.

Today, she is an aesthetician and skincare formulator who helps women transform their lives by transforming their…

Victoria Kennedy

Founder of Victorious PR. Getting Entrepreneurs in the Press.

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